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Who are we?

We are Duše Design, a studio based in Prague. Our goal is showing people a connection between nature and good design. We believe that it’s alway possible and important to design within nature, rather than destroying it. We take inspiration in the biophilic design movement, it focuses on human’s genetic connection to nature through hundreds of thousands of years of living in agrarian settings.

We gained knowledge and experience working in different parts of the world and therefore we always try to know our clients and understand their needs in order to have suitable designs for them.

We work with space, interior, outdoor, event design, part of our team are also professionals dedicated to industrial and product design. We are active in research of sustainable materials and eager to introduce them in our work.





Design & Build

Interior and spatial design

Services and experiences design

Construction services

Industrial design 

Product Development 


Reverse Engineering


Technical drawings


Design consultancy

Evaluate client's needs 

Assists your business from design aspect 


Our team

Our founders are three young experienced professionals with international backgrounds and specialisations in different design fields. Despite the differences they are united by talent, fresh view and belief in sustainability. They focus to improve other people’s lives through design.


Enrique Wood

Ahmed Al Tohfa

Juan Santana

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Duše Design


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